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The Institute of Financial & Management Studies (IFMS) is one of the world's largest Financial & Management professional body and premier provider of financial and management education, professional credentials, training, technical support and advocacy.

IFMS builds and designs their educational programs (Professional Credentials, Trainings, Continues Professional Education) to face the economical and social challenges that world face which required from us to go further to support professionals to build their skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism to secure greater productivity and economic growth.

Our professional credentials and trainings are the most relevant education for professional business. IFMS develops financial and managerial qualified business professionals that drive business forward and made an impact on their organizations.

IFMS was incorporated in the United State of America by group of professionals who recognized a need for a centralized source of information and guidance in the growing field of financial and management globally

IFMS is member  with the National Certification Commission, USA. The Commission is an independent not-for-profit association established in June 1993 which is located in suburban Maryland (Washington, DC).

The Commission provides information and assistance to national associations on development and improvement of certification programs and designations in numerous professions and occupations.

Members consist of 150 associations offering more than 300 categories.  The Commission is non-governmental, not operated by a management firm, nor is affiliated with product vendors; and offers objective, responsive, and cost-effective advice to best serve national associations.

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IFMS offer members online and distance learning courses  to improve their expertise and professional

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